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Floor Care

Professional floor cleaning gives your business a higher perceived value.

Our floor care programs are designed to enhance appearances and improve the durability of your floors.


Clean Slate will develop a maintenance program that meets the needs of your facility. For each type of flooring, we determine task frequency and the equipment necessary to achieve desirable results. Our floor cleaning methods can increase the useful life of your tile and prolong the need for an aggressive restoration process. These applications ensure your floors will be maintained in peak condition and kept looking new longer. Key elements of our program are:

  • Detailed sweeping

  • Vacuuming

  • Steaming

  • Dust-mopping

  • Automatic scrubbing

  • Detailed mopping

  • Ultra high-speed buffing

  • Deep scrubbing and recoating


Our systems are designed based on manufacturer recommendations and our own professional experience. The Clean Slate complete floor care program will keep your floors in excellent condition for years to come. Components of our floor care services include:

  • Routine maintenance- improves the appearance and durability

  • Restoration- restores the original beauty and luster

  • Concrete and Ceramic applications- mild acid treatments will rejuvenate quarry tile and grout

  • Sealing- prevents staining while providing a durable base coat

  • Cutting-edge cleaning methods- demonstrating innovative procedures & techniques

  • Eco-friendly solvents- proven safe for our environment & waterways

Contact Clean Slate today at or (334) 233-9246 and have a floor care program designed for your facility.


We will survey your flooring and make service recommendations based on your needs. The site visit, recommendations, and service quote are done free of charge.


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