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Residential Cleaning (House/Apartment)


Turnover services are crucial when you own or manage property such as an apartment complex, condo, rental unit, hotel or home. First impressions are everything, especially in a competitive market.


Residential Turnovers Cleaning Services

Clean Slate's turnover services, with our top to bottom apartment and vacant home turnover procedures, can help potential occupants see all that your space has to offer. Rental spaces can really take a hit with each new occupant. Each tenant can leave pet smells, trash, leftover personal property and a mess for management teams to clean up. Aside from painting, flooring, punch-outs, cabinetry and counter tops our deep cleaning services can secure your investment higher rent, quicker occupancy, and above all the sense from future tenants that you take pride in your property.

Apartment turnover costs can be overlooked in property management. Most turnovers are influenced by market conditions and personal reasons. In addition to apartments, Clean Slate can also help restore your home or condo. Whether you need home carpet cleaning, painting, or a complete turnover service package, our services will turnover your home and give your family and guests a fresh place to stay with an inviting atmosphere. Our affordable prices, work ethic, and quick service make us the best choice for the job. Our refinishing services add aesthetic appeal that your guests and tenants will love.

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