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Window and Awning Cleaning


Hiring an Alabama based window and awning cleaning service provider that offers both commercial and residential window cleaning services is the safe , smart choice. From residential apartments and business offices to the suburban family homes and condos throughout the state of Alabama, we provide an outstanding, affordable window cleaning that can be relied on.


We proudly offer the best residential and commercial window and awning cleaning: 

Whether commercial or residential, do not risk streaks, cracks or even breaks in your windows. Protect your investment. Clean Slate Cleaning Group provides unsurpassed quality for all your window cleaning and window washing needs. We are owner operated, bonded and insured. We do windows of different sizes, shapes and contours; from interior to exterior, street level to high rise, office to residential, our prompt, prepared and courteous staff will make your windows shine. Window cleaning should ideally be left to dedicated and trained professionals. It can be a difficult, time consuming and sometimes dangerous job. That is why our service personnel are second to none in experience and expertise. Yes, that worker precariously perched on a scaffold outside your impressive mid-town office building is a consummate professional.

When cleaning or washing windows, it is critical that the correct application method, cleaning solutions and equipment are used to maintain the integrity and life of the glass. Clean Slate Cleaning Group uses bio degradable and environmentally friendly products that leave a clear, streak free finish. We don’t do a lot of rubbing. All that does is static charge the glass which in turn attracts dust and dirt. Also, we never treat windows when exposed to direct sunlight. The cleaning compound dries too fast and leaves a dull, unsightly film on the glass.


A clean window and awning can radically transform a space like nothing else. Clean Slate window cleaning and washing service will bring the vibrancy and brightness of the outside into the hallways and shadows of interior space. Your home or office will look and feel airy and expansive. We have a multi-point checklist to ensure your windows are properly cleaned, treated and protected. There are flexible, affordable and competitive packages and price points tailored to fit a variety of budgets. Clean Slate Cleaning Group is committed to superior customer satisfaction and. Our window cleaning and washing services will fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Contact Clean Slate today at or (334) 233-9246 and have a window cleaning program designed for your facility.

Awning Cleaning


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